Sorxe_Shadows_CoverMETAL INSIDER

The way this album glides and soars from one genre influence to the next is akin to the way the great birds of prey float through the sky over those deserts, always with purpose and precision. Always gorgeous, yet always ready for the kill.



Sorxe clearly have the stones to throw their best clubbed-foot forward, but they also exploit their strengths. I could speak all day about the pedigree of the band members or craft thousands of paragraphs on why this album fucking slays. Surrounded By Shadows is, quite simply, exhaustingly complete. Gradually or suddenly, Sorxe unfurl coiled force and chew through 2014’s best releases. This is a changeling you can welcome into your home, but that won’t stop them from shoving a carving fork into your belly











Sorxe “Realms” EP

Sorxe of Phoenix is definitely bringing something different to the AZ music scene with their “Realms EP”. A surprising and refreshing creation that can best be described as experimental grunge metal, Sorxe knock it out of the park with their eclectic but absolutely crushing sound. Sorxe builds powerful songs with tight, circular rhythms that provide a stable platform for their musical shape shifting. The opening track Creeper Beast is a great example of their overall sound, as it shows how Sorxe go from doom to grunge to the Mastodon level of epic with clean vocals that are catchy but not cookie cutter, just plain awesome. This band is simply not afraid to mix it up and seems to let their collective musical instincts take them down whatever path beckons. The result is a compelling musical journey that takes a listener through different sonic textures that go from quiet to loud and everything in between.

Rating 9/10